If Life is Overwhelming, Seek the Help You Need

We Have Helped People Struggling With Depression

Struggling With Your Relationships? We Can Work With Your Family

Living With an Eating Disorder? See How We Can Help.

Trying to Lose Weight In a Healthy Way? We Can Counsel You.

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Are you feeling sad and empty?
Are you fighting with your spouse, partner or kids?
Do you feel overwhelmed by parenting?
Do you feel like the unhealthy habits you’re battling are winning?
Do you want to fix the problem?

You are not alone and all is not lost. There is hope. We have times in our lives that are manageable and other times we need help. To find out more about my specialties, please have a look around. Otherwise, call us today to set up an appointment.



Relationship Counseling

image of two couples, one straight and one gay

Relationships can be both the most important and most challenging things in our lives. I can work with you alone, with your partner, or your entire family to help you rediscover the joy in all the relationships you cherish.


Teen & Child Counseling


Growing up isn’t easy. I have been a child, a teenager, a teacher and a mother, so I understand how the world around us can start to pile on stress and anxiety. I’m here to listen to you and support you through it all.


Individual Counseling

Business People Sitting Around Table

Our path through life can be like a seesaw that constantly goes up and down. Sometimes it’s manageable, and other times it isn’t. I can help you navigate your own path, wherever that might be leading you.


Weight Loss Counseling


My unique perspective and education in nutrition allows me to help my clients overcome any underlying causes that are leading them to weight gain. In addition, we help apply novel approaches to overcome them.


EMDR & Trauma Counseling


EMDR is a way to reprocess many types of damaging and traumatic life events. This ensure that these past events no longer negatively influence your thoughts, decisions or behaviors in a limiting and destructive way.


Substance Abuse Counseling

closeup of medicine capsules being poured from pill bottle into hand

The road to recovery from substance abuse can be long and winding. My goal is to help you get the best form of treatment for your disease, whatever that may be, and to help support you in maintaining sobriety.


We are client centered in every decision we make, making sure we give you the best experience we are able to offer.
Throughout everything we do, we believe in implementing the newest and best practices science has to offer.
Individual, family and group therapy in a safe and comfortable environment, ensuring our clients feel secure.